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The curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed specifically for online teaching. We teach the National Curriculum for England. The programme for each subject is engaging, and promotes independent learning and further enquiry. What’s more, our teaching combines online and offline learning methods.

You can opt to study a core curriculum or individual subjects, depending on your particular needs, and we also offer one-to-one tuition if required. The number of students in each class is capped.


Key Stage 4 (Year 14 to 16)

Our Primary provision is aimed at students who would be in Years 10 to 11 in the UK school system (i.e aged 14-16). 
We offer the following subjects:

Core Subjects:

  • IGCSE English Language (2 hour per week)

  • IGCSE English Literature (2 hour per week)

  • IGCSE Mathematics (3 hour per week)

  • IGCSE History (1 hour per week)

  • IGCSE Geography (1 hour per week)

Sciences:​ (3 hour per week)

  • IGCSE Chemistry

  • IGCSE Physics

  • IGCSE Biology


Modern Foreign Language 1 hour per week (Pick 1 Language)

  • IGCSE French

  • IGCSE Arabic

Additional / Optional Subjects:​

  • IGCSE Computer Science

  • IGCSE Business Studies

  • IGCSE Islamic Studies

  • Quran


You can opt to study a core curriculum or individual subjects, depending on your particular needs. The cost depends on the number of subjects you opt for and the number of hours per course.


Individual Tuition

We are happy to offer one-to-one tuition, tailored to your needs.

ZamZam is pleased to be able to offer one-to-one tuition in selected subjects, to supplement classes taken with us. Our teachers are well qualified and experienced and can offer tuition from upper Primary to IGCSE level and also to A level in selected subjects.

How will my child be entered for a public examination, such as an IGCSE?

It is the parent or guardian's responsibility to enter a student for examinations and they are responsible for the fee levied by the examination board and the examination center. Edexcel and Cambridge both have centers around the UK where students can sit their examinations. Students based overseas can sit their examinations at the offices of their nearest British Council or other suitable institution - both of the exam boards have further details on the examining board websites - you may find these links helpful:

Cambridge (CIE)


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