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School Fees for Academic Year September 2023 to July 2024


Registration Fee:

A non-refundable fee of £50 is payable on registration.

Payment Options: 

  • Annual payment: Pay the full annual fee one year in advance and get a 5% discount. No deposit is required.

  • Termly payments (3 payments): A one-month deposit is required.

  • Monthly payments (10 payments): from September to June. A one-term deposit is required.

Sibling Discount:

We offer a 5% discount on the tuition fee for the youngest child when two children from the same family are enrolled in our school


Withdrawal Process:

Parents can withdraw their child at any point by giving a minimum notice of one full term (three months) to leave the school.


Fees Change Policy:

Fees subject to change. Parents will be notified one month in advance of any changes.


Curriculum Packages and Fees:

Key Stage 2 (Years 3-4) Curriculum Packages: 

Maths | English (2x45 min/week) | Science | Geography/History | Arabic (1x45 min/week)

Key Stage 2 (Years 3-4) Fees: 

Annually: £1287 | Termly: £429 | Monthly: £129


Key Stage 2 (Years 5-6) Curriculum Packages: 

Maths | English (3x hours/week/each) | Science | Geography/History (counted as one subject) | Arabic (1x hours/week/each)

Key Stage 2 (Years 5-6) Fees: 

Annually: £1848 | Termly: £616 | Monthly: £185


Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) Curriculum Packages:

Maths | English | Science (3x hours/week/each) | Geography/History (counted as one subject) | Arabic (1x hours/week/each)

Key Stage 3 Fees: 

Annually: £2600 | Termly: £867 | Monthly: £260


Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11) Curriculum Package:

We offer 8 IGCSE subjects, including 6 compulsory subjects: IGCSE English Literature and Language (3 hours/week in total), IGCSE Mathematics (3 hours/week), IGCSE History (2 hours/week), and IGCSE Science Double Award (4 hours/week). The Science Double Award covers biology, chemistry, and physics, and students earn two IGCSEs in these subjects.

In addition to these compulsory subjects, we offer two optional subjects: Arabic and Computer Science (2 hours/week each).

Please note that the optional course will not be taught unless there are at least 5 students interested

Key Stage 4 Fees:

IGCSE - Core Subject Package

Annually : £2772 | Termly: £924 | Monthly: £277


Additional subjects:

IGCSE Computer Science: Annually : £462 | Termly: £154 | Monthly: £46 

IGCSE Arabic: Annually : £462 | Termly: £154 | Monthly: £46 


Tuition / Extra subjects:

The hourly rate for one-to-one tutoring is typically capped at £30, but this may vary depending on the student’s age and the subject being taught. For two-to-one tutoring, the hourly rate is usually up to £16.50, while for three-to-one tutoring, it is typically up to £12.50. For larger groups, the hourly rate is usually around £8 per student.

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