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Admissions Process

We welcome applications from all over the world and accept enrolment throughout the school year. Our dedicated admissions advisors will assist you with the admissions process every step of the way.


1. Make an inquiry by sending an email to A member of staff will explain the application process.


2. Attend a taster session. If you are happy with this session, apply formally by completing the admission form by clicking on this link A non-refundable Registration Fee of £50 shall be charged at this stage.


3. The application form is processed by our Admissions team. This can take 2-3 working days, where you can meet a senior staff member for further orientation.


4. If your application is successful, you will receive your child’s offer letter and an invoice confirming tuition fees for the year, an academic timetable and payment due dates.   


5. Please submit a copy of the Proof of child’s identification and Proof of address for yourself and a recent school report and any recent exam results (if applicable), so teachers can assess and build targeted support to maximise success at ZamZam.


6.Once the fee has been paid, students will take part in the online Student Induction Process, a senior staff member will assist the student to navigate through the online school, attend lessons, submit homework, and perform other related academic tasks..

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