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ZamZam follows standard UK school terms. The calendar is made up of 3 terms: Autumn, spring and summer.

Below are the provisional term dates for the Academic Year starting September 2021 to July 2022.

Please note that some of these dates are subject to change and they will be finalised closer to the beginning of the academic year. Also, the dates shown below are for students on full time courses. Part time courses and flexible programmes are available throughout the year including weekends to suit the needs of students.

Autumn Term 2022

Start of term

Monday 12 Sep 22

Autumn half term

Mon 24 Oct to Fri 29 Oct 22

End of term

Thursday 15 Dec 22

Spring Term 2023

Start of term

Monday 9 Jan 23

Spring half term

Mon 13 Feb to Sat 18 Feb 22

End of term

Thursday 06 Apr 23

Summer Term 2023

Start of term

Monday 24 Apr 23

Summer half term

Mon 29 May to Tue 6 June 23

End of term

Thursday 13 July 23

Download the latest term dates

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